Friday, July 8, 2011

What happened!? Lebron 9's

I guess after so much Mainstream and Hype about Lebron James being the Next... Time out Correction "Better" than Michael Jordan Himself. Hey don't kill the messenger kill Scottie Pippen! and failed to meet the requirements he hyped himself and the world to be. He decides it's time he tightens up, steps away from the camera and fame to realize that it's not going to be as easy as they made it seem. That it takes more than just Talent to win Championship games. So it seems his persona comes out on the sneaker as well the shoe is taken back to the fundamentals. What seems to be a very light sneaker for Lebron James fit and of course the Air Bubble comes back to make it's appearance of the Nike Lebron 9's but not as a 360. More of an actual Basketball shoe than a Lifestyle I would say, so we will not be seeing these so often in my opinion in the malls on peoples feet compared to what we did see with the Lebron 8's. Maybe the designer wanted to express to the viewer and buyer that it's not about Jokes anymore or fake "coughs" but it's business... Time to suck it up and go back to the fundamentals and Win a Ring he so badly wants... and this shoe says it all... Maybe he really is serious this time with the quote that reads on the toe box soles "What we do in life" ending on the left shoe "Echoes in Eternity". Please give us your thoughts on this shoe....

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