Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game 7: It all comes down to this

Will Kobe Bryant get his 5th championship as a Los Angeles Laker or will the Boston Celtic pull an upset at their own home... This is one for the ages. Kobe Bryant, Artest, as well ad Lamar Odom will have to set their game up if they even think they have a chance at the Boston Celtic's defense... The last and final game 7: starts today at 9pm eastern time on ABC.



This bitch ass mother fucking cop better not get away with this!!! this shit got me so fucking heated! Cops are meant to protect and serve... not serve up society with a closed fist to the face... police brutality/racism at its fullest... Just when i thought racism with blacks was almost over they start again in Arizona with my Hispanic people, now back to this.... This brings memories of videos my middle school showed us of racism back in the days.... Some officers are nothing without a gun and a badge... if this cop did something like this to me.. were going at it fuck that... May the full power on the law fall on this "Animal"




Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Boondocks Season 3: episode 4


Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur!!!

We miss you man... Your music and soul will live in our hearts for all eternity


STREET WARS: Banksy vs. Robbo

If your into the act of so called "Graffiti" a term I really don't like the definition to... you would know crossing over or painting over other artist work is highly offensive and is an insult to the previous artist... well If you have heard of the street artist banksy he is one of the most recognized stencil artist maybe in the whole world... Well towards the end of 2009 bansky decided to cover over famously known U.K street artist Robbo.. Banksy must have thought it was appropriate to do this... well Robbo took this to heart and has not stopped since... Robbo has be vandalizing every piece of banksy he has done since... This is something i look forward to seeing how it ends for more information click here HYPEBEAST.COM it will direct you straight to the article....

A very interesting interview with the artist Robbo takes place on talking about what might have caused banksy to react the way he did.. and the history between both artist before the "Cans" did the talking


Quote of the Day brought to you by me :)

Curiosity didn't kill the cat...... having sympathy and caring for others problems did

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a Wrap... Sneaker days are over

This was an addiction i been going through for more than 4 years now and i think it's time i hang the kicks... I'm selling all my kicks that i have left that i haven't sold previous sneaker events before to get my Nikon camera, car, and get the clothing running...

R.I.P sneaker addiction


Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've never heard of this man's work ever in my life but after i was his gallery opening and his site how well organized it is... He has become one of my inspiration... Now that i see how he made it... I know i can... Tonight i will be getting no sleep...Just drawing in my lack book all night.... In others I'm pulling an all niter. Looking forward to it tho :)

Blackbirds by Linkin Park


In order to grow up.... Ineed to leave behind what i once loved

I been fighting with myself for a couple of months now when it come to selling my shoe collection and getting started on something i been planning for a while. I feel as if it's a need for me to swim against the tide even tho I know I'm going to end up in the same place I started... I been having visuals of the perfect site and logos... but I'm living in fear the fear of growing up... I feel as if I'm an idol to most kids when it comes to collecting shoes... But i feel as if my days are over... I feel as if i need to start a new project on a new page of my life... For the better me... Leave all my feelings behind for those people I've had em for.... and forget what they think and start what I time.... writing this has made me realize that i been sleeping on a lot of opportunity many people don't get... and the fact that they keep coming is a sign that I'm blessed... It's time i stop caring for others and care for myself...


Bumped into this on someone's facebook...

This piece is soooooo dope
I wish i were to know who worked on it...
If anyone has any knowledge on this artist or sculpture please get a hold of me


Click on the picture for larger image... Information is on the image.... I was there at the opening of this gallery this Saturday and i must say it was an awesome show... a must go see... check him out at

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Somethings in life are not meant to be :,(

There's things in life we want so bad where the human state of mind feels it's nearly impossible for mankind to obtain such a thing... a desire.. something we look forward to happening, a feeling that makes us look forward to waking up every morning... We feel this is it, we feel as if we were to ever get a hold of such a thing we would be whole.. our lives would be set...we live our whole life trying to grasp this one thing... and once we do... we regret grasping it... your whole life has been a fight for this one thing.... a challenge and once we get a hold of it... It's a feeling i can't explain.... as if you feel like having to let it go... as if it's something you just want to admire... today i starred into the eyes of what i thought was my all.... I knew she could have been mine... but I looked into her eyes and felt as if she was asking me to let her go and fly free... as if it's something it's not meant to be... 20 years can pass by and we will both have our lives set... She would more than likely probably be a well successful trauma nurse with two kids.... and i will more than likely be a well known artist CEO of my whole clothing.... our eyes will once again lock..... and that desire will still burn deep in us... but we know it's not meant to be so we continue walking our own paths and more than likely ill never see her again but the thoughts and memories will still be there as will live our lives and all we'll be able to go is laugh and smile when they do come to mind...our wives and husband's will ask why are you smiling or laughing for... and all will be able to do is lie and deny and say nothing my love....and move on.... something's in life are not meant to keep... but to let go free....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Believe it or not... This happened in Guatemala two weeks ago....

They say it happened due to all the rain fall that has been going on in Guatemala city but i have a feeling this is not normal.... It is said they do not know the depth of this whole which is insane to know... Just check out the video

BRUCE!!! is found??? i never knew he was lost to begin with.....

I never knew the shark from the infamous movie "JAWS" by steven spilberg was named after the name Bruce, Pretty cool fact to know.... well yeah point in general I'm bringing this up because I found it cool that they found this monster to make the movie in a junkyard in L.A i believe, after 25 years of it being lost since the movie.... read more about it here....

top image provided by this site bottom picture brought to you by facebook group "BRUCE THE SHARK"

Is this a good look for McDonalds???

We all know the topic of homosexuality can cause quite a commotion where ever you bring it up. You can get negative and positive reactions or points of views on the subject...but is it really a good look for McDonald's a more than likely multi billion dollar company to collaborate Homosexually in their commercials? With today's closed minded people I feel this is a bad outtake for McDonald's.... we can only sit and wait for the viewers response on this. Whats your point of take on this news?

Bin 23 9s camp put

Due to me having a pair of Bin 2s that released two months ago i felt the need of having to get these. I said i was done with collecting sneakers but i had to come back for these. This is a good help for me in the near future these retailed at $175 not including Miami tax which is 7%. I could easily sell these easy for $360 if i really find myself in situation of getting fast quick money if not, I can easily get 500 for these shoes. Worth the 36 hour camp out in front of a store. You call it crazy i call it being me.