Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes... I know it's time i work on him again
Jason Voorhee


I love when i see big companies include Art in there commercials.
I love the whole childhood concept as an Adult. Making us realize that no matter how old we are we have an inner child in us, it just take a innocent moment to reminisce on it.
The soundtrack "Pure Imagination" gave the final touch to this commercial.
I'm glad to know that art is alive and well

Grand Opening... Must be there event

Grand opening of Club Vivid... I'm not much of a clubber like I use to be but this is a special occasion. This is no regular club to me this is my friends club. So it's a must support event. Word on the street is that this is the hottest event to open memorial weekend so you know I'm out there

Get at me for more information


This was a very hard decision for me to leave everything i once thought I was behind to find the real me. Reality finally hit me when I was in my room on my laptop and looked over on the side of my bed and saw my black book thrown on the floor with the rest of my school books but then again my shoes were all stack up real nice dust free. I felt i left what I loved the most for something that would consume me into something I wasn't. I replaced my future for materialistic illusions.

This is where I failed.

but I'm back on feet...

I pray