Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MY VIEW ON: Taz Arnold presents 'THE AMERICANS.'

By now you should know I like speaking out my mind.. and I really don't give a fuck whether you agree with it or not... I hate Hype especially retard Hype! TI$A is a brand that has brain watched the youth over night.

You put it on an Iconic Figure and everyone wants to buy it, it turns into the brand one must have! *COUGH COUGH* BIG SEAN but moving on... This is the most dumbest video I've ever seen... Using this so called "THIS IS ART" term they have gotten away with murder! For example this video.. just look at it... REALLY? REALLY? This man looks mad sick literally as in grab a doctor sick that did shit to catch attention and got the weak minded people into biting into his "SWAG" This is just plain old ridiculous..... Some please explain to me the concept of this video... The American is some how invading the space of the "Indian" when all he is doing is smoking bud? The Indian feel threaten stands up to see who is this figure walking towards him dressed in white thinking he probably a GOD figure since he looks pure with his White Tux? COME ON WHAT WAS REALLY THE POINT OF THIS VIDEO!

Sad thing is that I know people will still wear this when it does come out and pay outrageous numbers for it as well...


tAz Arnold and Dr. Romanelli join forces as this preview surfaces into an upcoming project titled “The Americans.” The line will undoubtedly take on an innovative and progressive format as the two have long held it down in their respective fields for ground-breaking work. Well-versed in amalgamating and intersecting different themes, stay tuned for more details as it all unfolds.

Director: Jessy Jamboree

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