Sunday, July 24, 2011

I always found this Mad stupid... There are kids or even Adults that will kill to walk in a pair of shoes!

Many are very disappointed in the Nike Lebron Version I "South Beach" or "PreHeats" as many of you my know them by, Due to the sudden HYPE on them and street value increasing to a point where it is competing with the Nike Air Yeezy but some are just very disappointed on Lebron James performance in the NBA FINALS 2011 against the Dallas Mavericks so they feel the need of having to do such a thing.. But this is taking it a bit far! Many people in 3rd world countries will kill for a pair of sneakers to walk on instead of walking on barefooted on the dirt and streets... Next time you want to gain attention on the internet by taking a picture like these think about how you will be respected and admired more for giving a Homeless person a pair of shoe and making there day....

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