Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MY VIEW ON: Taz Arnold presents 'THE AMERICANS.'

By now you should know I like speaking out my mind.. and I really don't give a fuck whether you agree with it or not... I hate Hype especially retard Hype! TI$A is a brand that has brain watched the youth over night.

You put it on an Iconic Figure and everyone wants to buy it, it turns into the brand one must have! *COUGH COUGH* BIG SEAN but moving on... This is the most dumbest video I've ever seen... Using this so called "THIS IS ART" term they have gotten away with murder! For example this video.. just look at it... REALLY? REALLY? This man looks mad sick literally as in grab a doctor sick that did shit to catch attention and got the weak minded people into biting into his "SWAG" This is just plain old ridiculous..... Some please explain to me the concept of this video... The American is some how invading the space of the "Indian" when all he is doing is smoking bud? The Indian feel threaten stands up to see who is this figure walking towards him dressed in white thinking he probably a GOD figure since he looks pure with his White Tux? COME ON WHAT WAS REALLY THE POINT OF THIS VIDEO!

Sad thing is that I know people will still wear this when it does come out and pay outrageous numbers for it as well...


tAz Arnold and Dr. Romanelli join forces as this preview surfaces into an upcoming project titled “The Americans.” The line will undoubtedly take on an innovative and progressive format as the two have long held it down in their respective fields for ground-breaking work. Well-versed in amalgamating and intersecting different themes, stay tuned for more details as it all unfolds.

Director: Jessy Jamboree

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Macklemore- WINGS

I saw this about 4 days ago and it was amazing, Many of us went through similar moments that were shared in this video...This is so deep stuff. Brought tears to my eyes at one point in the video.... DON'T JUDGE ME! but anyways great video! A Must see

I always found this Mad stupid... There are kids or even Adults that will kill to walk in a pair of shoes!

Many are very disappointed in the Nike Lebron Version I "South Beach" or "PreHeats" as many of you my know them by, Due to the sudden HYPE on them and street value increasing to a point where it is competing with the Nike Air Yeezy but some are just very disappointed on Lebron James performance in the NBA FINALS 2011 against the Dallas Mavericks so they feel the need of having to do such a thing.. But this is taking it a bit far! Many people in 3rd world countries will kill for a pair of sneakers to walk on instead of walking on barefooted on the dirt and streets... Next time you want to gain attention on the internet by taking a picture like these think about how you will be respected and admired more for giving a Homeless person a pair of shoe and making there day....

Saturday, July 23, 2011


A "Little" something!? Some of us expect maybe a 70 dollar profit above retail usually on low top SB's..... but I think a very few expected this. Street Value ranging anywhere from $220 up to 400 dollars buy it now's! As you can see by the pictures I'm not joking but then again same situation happened when the Air Jordan XI Space Jams dropped as well two in a half years ago for over 7 months prices were rocketed and suddenly declined by 40 % of street value... Now making it obtainable from $140 to $200... In my opinion same will happen with these... Let's just sit back and let the aftermath of the Hype go by....

Infant Maize XIII's lows

The Jammys weren't the only release that sold Saturday.....

The Air Jordan retro Ray Allen PE XII's sold on at Midnight
and as you can see they sold out Immediately!
Congrats to those that were able to get a pair!

Nike SB "Spacejam" campout @ M.I.A Skateshop Sunny Isles

Hype or Passion?

UPDATE: Nike SB x Entourage "Lights Out"

After all the mayhem over the shoe production being cancelled and kept into a sample something similar like the Freddy's except these weren't going to get Oil spilled on them... These babies were thought to never see the light other than EBAY... well guess again sneakernews reports that the Entourages might see the light after all... The Entourage crew as well as Nike as been speculating about a 11/11/11 release! but then again these are yet to be confirmed... but come one guys let's be real we all know these are going to drop!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A quick preview of "TWISTED REALITY" #6


Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....... :/

According to the Nike Air Yeezy IIs made a quick preview on the Watch the Thorne documentary... Well here it is... I hope these don't even up being the final product... I doubt it since it is being played with on Illustrator but... yeah these really don't float my boat right now... Then again the picture is very low quality so hopefully as the shoe comes closer to it's release date which is rumored to be "Black Friday" they look better...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Era Presents: Tattoo Age – Dan Santoro Part 2

Here I'am thinking Dirk Nowitzki would make the cover.... and Jordan get's the cover again -___-

All feelings aside from Michael Jordan being the best so please don't be BIAS.....
Did Michael Jordan deserve the cover again even tho he never got the chance to be put on any before or did another NBA basketball player deserve the cover even a Legend like Larry Bird.... Share your thoughts!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MOS DEF opens up for G.O.O.D music @ SXSW 2011

It seems as if the Ray Allens aren't as exclusive after all....

This Past weekend SoleFly located in south miami -___- raffled off a couple of Ray Allen 13s and it was rumored another store in the U.S will get them as well, that would be FootLocker House of Hoops in Boston... but it seems that multiple websites have gotten a hold on a full size run on these "EXTREMELY" rare shoe! According to Sneakernews another store will be getting these by the name of CNCPTS located in Cambridge,MA! Crazy part is these are set to release in Europe this week... Will these be another Nike Lebron 8's V1 Preheats? Lie to the public that they will only release very limited in Miami and then release them nationwise to built buzz? By the Looks of it, It might just be... We might as well just stick around and see the outcome....

Kicking it Old school! With the Gatorade Commercials... Anything you can do, I can do Better!

Friday, July 8, 2011



The After party took place today at Pizza Rustica on Lincoln Road!
Event started at 1pm and continued to around 3:40 til the they ran out of pizza to give
Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari expected to give out FREE PIZZA!

As you can see these weren't regular sized bullshit pizzas or drinks!
These were beast ass size pizzas cut into 4 pieces and a large coke!

People waiting around for the arrival of the celebrities!

The Movie!

The monster line! of wait to get there pizza give to them personally by the actors!

In other words it was a good day!
Thank God I got away as "PRESS" thanks to my Nikon D3000 ;)

Thursday! 30 minutes or Less Premier Screening @ Regal Cinema Miami Beach

Thank you baby Jesus! I had a friend that hooked it up with passes...
Movie releases to the general public August 12th
It's a Funny ass fucking movie a must see!

What happened!? Lebron 9's

I guess after so much Mainstream and Hype about Lebron James being the Next... Time out Correction "Better" than Michael Jordan Himself. Hey don't kill the messenger kill Scottie Pippen! and failed to meet the requirements he hyped himself and the world to be. He decides it's time he tightens up, steps away from the camera and fame to realize that it's not going to be as easy as they made it seem. That it takes more than just Talent to win Championship games. So it seems his persona comes out on the sneaker as well the shoe is taken back to the fundamentals. What seems to be a very light sneaker for Lebron James fit and of course the Air Bubble comes back to make it's appearance of the Nike Lebron 9's but not as a 360. More of an actual Basketball shoe than a Lifestyle I would say, so we will not be seeing these so often in my opinion in the malls on peoples feet compared to what we did see with the Lebron 8's. Maybe the designer wanted to express to the viewer and buyer that it's not about Jokes anymore or fake "coughs" but it's business... Time to suck it up and go back to the fundamentals and Win a Ring he so badly wants... and this shoe says it all... Maybe he really is serious this time with the quote that reads on the toe box soles "What we do in life" ending on the left shoe "Echoes in Eternity". Please give us your thoughts on this shoe....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet CRAOLA! He is too fucking ILL!

If your into urban art like me then it's a must watch!

Let The Arts Roam from I Am Los Angeles on Vimeo.

Mr.Tinker Hatfield and the birth of a New Generation of shoes.....

Tales From the Kitchen! A Nike Cartoon Series (HYPERFUSE)

Blast from the Past! CARTOON OF THE DAY: Droopy Dog!

Diggy Strikes back...

Diggy isn't so young anymore isn't he? I'm sure you remember the young Diggy on MTV's Run House the reality series always being picked on by his older brother and sister's... Well I been hearing Diggy's flow grow since he hopped on Nas track " MADE YOU LOOK" and give it a whole new sound... Here's a Clip of Diggy trying out the sounds of DRE BEATS studio sets and spitting a couple of bars...

Is Planking really worth your life?

The highly popular trend called "Planking" cost the life of a young Austrian teen by planking on a rail and falling 7 stories to his death... Yes it might seem funny to some but in reality some just take it too far... Many don't even agree with Planking at all due to racial and slavery reasons. Which I won't even touch that topic due to ignorant people blowing shit out of proportions... But anyhow planking has been around for years and years but like every generation what goes around comes around and it has taken the net. Not a Party Popper but make sure y'all mentally stable when you take action in this.. What I mean by that is not on drugs or drunk. It wouldn't be cool turning on the news and seeing a friend or loved one I knew falling to their death planking on an expressway traffic sign..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Original Maroon Air Jordan Infant VI's


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It's time an actual "CLOTHING BRAND" works it's way into the skylines of Miami not just people trying to get by, by making t-shirts that match upcoming Nike release dates... The name is "SO IT SEEMS" which is hella catchy especially the fact that it has hints of controversial conspiracy theories which makes it so much RAD! Started by a Up and coming not so much Street artist jajaja since his artwork is always in Art Galleries Jose Perez and two other chilling people Mike and Chris! This clothing really grasped the true Miami feeling and vibe... Make sure to check those guys out and show them some love... It's not easy starting a clothing line business in a city where everyone feels a clothing line is the easy way out...

Check them out HERE!