Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is Planking really worth your life?

The highly popular trend called "Planking" cost the life of a young Austrian teen by planking on a rail and falling 7 stories to his death... Yes it might seem funny to some but in reality some just take it too far... Many don't even agree with Planking at all due to racial and slavery reasons. Which I won't even touch that topic due to ignorant people blowing shit out of proportions... But anyhow planking has been around for years and years but like every generation what goes around comes around and it has taken the net. Not a Party Popper but make sure y'all mentally stable when you take action in this.. What I mean by that is not on drugs or drunk. It wouldn't be cool turning on the news and seeing a friend or loved one I knew falling to their death planking on an expressway traffic sign..

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