Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Cements Return in 2011 with its Original Box ? o.O

This is a shot of the Original Cement 3s
I must say by far one of the sexiest box Nike brand
at the time has release... that elephant print just made the box

...But it seems Jordan Brand will be bringing this box back
Yes! this is not a joke... The white Cement retro 3's will release
in a very similar box to the original....This is really something insane I've never seen
I have a feeling this is just a start to an intense upcoming year of dope Jordan retros......

ART BASEL PRE PARTY: Felt tip @ Fox's Liq TODAY!!!

Make sure to come thru
2 for 1 drinks!
Live Art

6030 South Dixie Highway
South Miami, FL 33143-5001
(305) 661-9201

Monday, November 29, 2010


It's late at night I can't really sleep... Nightmares and past memories keep flashing beyond my understanding... So much negative attention... I can't help to think why society is so cruel to one other... instead of trying to help each other so we can learn how to cherish and prosper... we tend to rip the skin off of our fellow man to gain advantage over one another... I work so hard to become the man I am... so why do you try to bring me down and destroy my reputation... as if you hate to see me grow and become something beyond what anyone could have thought i could be... why do you hate me so much.. what have I done to you... If I'm nice and caring I'm a "PUSSY" in your eyes... If I'm real and stand up for what i believe in.... I'm an asshole in your eyes... It's as if life can boss me around... but as soon as I stand on my own two.. and let everyone know enough is enough it's as if in your eyes I become a cruel personnel... How is that possible... I can't be everything y'all want me to be... that wouldn't make me who I am... Why is it that my failure feeds your fire to keep enjoying the site of be going through my struggles and suffrage ... Why is the Human race so fucked up! you believe in no one put your selves... you even deny your creator... you refuse to believe in him... But when you are in need... when no one is there for you... the first mighty power you call upon is GOD... the human race is evil... it deserves to die... There are few pure souls left... we have cased more damage to earth in 10,000 years (estimate) than the world could have done to it self in 4.1 billion years...If God takes out the human race tomorrow I wouldn't blame him....
My Biggest fear in life is Failing -Customz

... yup we are who we are!




Friday, November 26, 2010



My newest prize < 3


If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary.- MALCOM X

First Look at SWAGRapparel SHIRT DESIGNS!!!

These are some pretty clean designs, I must say
That Jurrasic Park themed "Miami Vice" based shirt is amazing
I need to rack up on these before they sell out
make sure to get yours now while these last
Click on the link below



After all this mayhem over these.. look at this
Like I said it wasn't what people thought it would be
I got my pair at champs located in Bayside at 2pm that same release date
...why look at these sitting on display on black Friday at footaction and they had sizes too

Flint 13 release @ Dolphin Mall's Footaction MIDNIGHT RELEASE

I must say i really was upset at the quality of these 13's
In my opinion more hype than anything.. for those that couldn't cop the 05' release well I'm glad you were able to get your pair... but for those that know what I'm talking about we know these shoe was not worth the box price... no reflector shine on the mesh -___- FAIL....

It was a race to the finish... with these Flint's as fan's of the shoes fought for position over those at were just out side waiting for the Dolphin Sale on Black Friday .....

...and of course my dude Nelson always at were am at jajajajajaja... on that grind status trying to sell his Pre Heat lebron 8's as well as the China's that haven't even released! @ the flint 13 release....

What it do GOOFY ;) only one will let go for 30!