Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When it comes to Graf Artist...most people really aren't familiar with who they really are... We are just familiar with the work they provide us with and the stories behind their pieces... I personally don't know "CRAZE" like that yet.... but I am familiar with her artwork...

It's actually pretty dope the way we met... It was at last months Art Walk at the Wynwood district... the second Saturday of every month... I was drawing Live for the first time out there.... When she came up to me and liked what I did... It so dope cause she was a cutie... she told me she drew and she went to Art school.... which caught my eye cause you usually don't have both of those in one.. now that's a hella blessing

When we added each other on Facebook... I really couldn't believe my eyes....This Girl collected Jordans and she wrote..... not like your typical artist tho.... I guess she got tired of writing on paper, painting on canvas, or spraying walls.... she worked on Girls with I haven't done in years.... So this made me get back on game.. It's always good meeting people that push you with out them even knowing they are capable of having such an effect on you...

Here's some of her work.... make sure to give the girl some feedback by commenting underneath... Leave some feedback.... Let me know what you guys think.... and don't worry you be hearing more about her real soon.... You can expect a Calender coming soon by the way :x SHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh
You didn't hear that from me

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