Friday, December 10, 2010

A teaser of Wynwood kitchen and bar :)

The new place to be! The place is absolutely amazing and I must use the word breath taking as well.. The lights are dim, the atmosphere is just wonderful all kinds of diversity, food is mystical, and the best part of all... YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY ARTWORK!!! not only is it a restaurant but it's a bar as well... the best of two worlds... Now all you must be wondering how much are we talking about tho... well appetizers range anywhere from 7 to 14 dollars and entrees range from 14 to 35 dollars... so it's not really the most affordable place either but neither is it the most expensive hands down... but it is the place to have a great time and take your couple out for dinner... there is several murals out side the restaurant from Futura to Obey.. a variety of different styles and artist... It provides you with a real large patio where mini concerts will be held at.... Enough said..It is located in at Art of Wynwood District..

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
2550 NW 2nd Ave., Miami

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