Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Government name is somewhat Manny but he rather you greet him by the name "Glocky Davis"
Enough said by me.... I'll Let the man do the talking himself....

Q: So why the name Glocky Davis?
A: I use to go by manny glock , and they gave me the name glock as a youngin the whole corny metaphor "im a gun words are my bullets" type of thing...but i felt it was too simple , especially the manny , and then you got other artist with the word glock in their name... so i figured I'll switch it up with Glocky.... and Davis comes from NBA Baron Davis , my favorite human being lol, I have a passion for basketball it's a part of my life.... and that's a nickname I had on the courts.... so i thought it was kinda Dope.... so..... BOOM! GLOCKY DAVIS MOTHERFUCKERS LOL

Q: What made you realize that you wanted to be a hip hop artist?
A: Since a young kid I've always seen and heard music on a whole another level. Instrumentals just do something to me. As soon as I hear one, Ideas start to flow in to my head. I never expected this to be what i wanted to do in life but now I feel like this is what i gotta do. I wrestled with it my whole life because I know this game ain't what it seems, but some how it always comes back in my life. This time it found its way back in my life at a point in where I'm older and confident. Now things are falling into place for me and shit starting to line up so without doubt I believe this is what I was destined for.

Q: What audience are you aiming at and what are your intentions?
A: Anybody thats into good music and good weed , and bitches haha but one of my homies put it down well.. my music is about trees chicks & truth so if you bout fucks witcha boooy but i feel likes i can touch any topic so , all listeners welcomed haha

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
A: Making and producing music, touring , opening a gallery , having a big influence in fashion, anything creative !

Q: Last and final question then... Where can the audience follow you?
or find you?
Split Stuff Smoke Repeat on the way... Shouts out to Alex MOTHERFUCKING CUSTOMZ Perez! For having my ass on here and you already know draw the fat away you skinny ass bitches lol!

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