Wednesday, June 16, 2010

STREET WARS: Banksy vs. Robbo

If your into the act of so called "Graffiti" a term I really don't like the definition to... you would know crossing over or painting over other artist work is highly offensive and is an insult to the previous artist... well If you have heard of the street artist banksy he is one of the most recognized stencil artist maybe in the whole world... Well towards the end of 2009 bansky decided to cover over famously known U.K street artist Robbo.. Banksy must have thought it was appropriate to do this... well Robbo took this to heart and has not stopped since... Robbo has be vandalizing every piece of banksy he has done since... This is something i look forward to seeing how it ends for more information click here HYPEBEAST.COM it will direct you straight to the article....

A very interesting interview with the artist Robbo takes place on talking about what might have caused banksy to react the way he did.. and the history between both artist before the "Cans" did the talking


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