Saturday, June 12, 2010

Somethings in life are not meant to be :,(

There's things in life we want so bad where the human state of mind feels it's nearly impossible for mankind to obtain such a thing... a desire.. something we look forward to happening, a feeling that makes us look forward to waking up every morning... We feel this is it, we feel as if we were to ever get a hold of such a thing we would be whole.. our lives would be set...we live our whole life trying to grasp this one thing... and once we do... we regret grasping it... your whole life has been a fight for this one thing.... a challenge and once we get a hold of it... It's a feeling i can't explain.... as if you feel like having to let it go... as if it's something you just want to admire... today i starred into the eyes of what i thought was my all.... I knew she could have been mine... but I looked into her eyes and felt as if she was asking me to let her go and fly free... as if it's something it's not meant to be... 20 years can pass by and we will both have our lives set... She would more than likely probably be a well successful trauma nurse with two kids.... and i will more than likely be a well known artist CEO of my whole clothing.... our eyes will once again lock..... and that desire will still burn deep in us... but we know it's not meant to be so we continue walking our own paths and more than likely ill never see her again but the thoughts and memories will still be there as will live our lives and all we'll be able to go is laugh and smile when they do come to mind...our wives and husband's will ask why are you smiling or laughing for... and all will be able to do is lie and deny and say nothing my love....and move on.... something's in life are not meant to keep... but to let go free....

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