Monday, April 11, 2011


How can I start this... Riding through Little Havana I noticed something that seemed quite out of the normal... something stood out to me... as I turned to see what was on my right side of the passenger seat I see this stencil... but this stencil no ordinary stencil it was too clean and well done to be done by any amateur.. so first thing that comes to mind is.. Ohh Snap either Banksy or Mr.Brainwash fucked up Miami... Nothing but excitement ran through my body... mind you I see rats around the piece... but later I thought to myself this doesn't feel right... and I did research looked up Blek La Rat... as I'm going through his stencil he has done over the years.. I see the same stencil... Blek La Rat hit South Florida and this wouldn't be the only time he has done it... The stencil above is the same stencil that is located Little Havana but without the sheep... I will be going to visit the actual Miami stencil sometime this week.. I will upload pictures if the stencil is still there... it is located on sw 8 st and 9th ave

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