Sunday, December 4, 2011

Opportunities aren't given, They are Earned....

Basel Castle...... THANK YOU!
If it wasn't for this event taking place, I think this opportunity would have never taken place..
No one expected Pharrell Williams to make an appearance out there... so you can say he was the secret guest... anyways I'll explain how this took place fuck this perfect want to be blogger correct grammar shit, I'm mad happy so ama express myself in the way I feel... anyways We get to Basel Castle at 6:00pm a couple of performances were taking place but everyone knows they were all waiting for the man "YELAWOLF" If you ever see me walking down the street, or posted up some where I always carry my northface bookbag everywhere I go, I got my Krinks, Spraycans, and blackbook always in there... Not for Illegal Purposes but for legal walls so drop the heat! Anyways by 11pm a band took stage that had this dope black drummer reminded me up Questlove so I started drawing him, but as I'm 15 mins into the drawing I hear the crowd starts to erupt. In my mind I said they probably saw a peak at yellowolf so I kept drawing but something told me to look up mind you I'm literally in the front of the stage... As I look up Pharrell walks in front of me making his way on the stage, right there I knew that was my shot. I ripped a page of my blackbook and take out my micron markers and do a quick drawing. I knew I must finish it fast and not pull off a shit drawing at the same time... I was quenchless this is my Idol in front of me... Pharrell took stage to introduce his friend "Cris Cab" dope white kid, A for sure going to blow up cat. He stayed up there for literally 5 mins, I finished the drawing in 12 mins... as soon as I finished it I signed it and took off to find him.. so I'm looking all around and there he was in the vip... I handed him over my drawing, By the look of his face he seemed to like it, told me I had talent. If I had just drew it or I brought it with me.... The rest is history

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