Monday, August 1, 2011

If you haven't heard of him you are SLEEP! He goes by the name of J.KHRIST and he is not stopping til he claims his throne!

A NORTH CAROLINA HERO! put like every Hero he must let the world know who he is and what his intentions really are... last year he came to Miami where he now resides to spread his knowledge and Music with the Floridians and I must say he has had an impact here ever since... His Music videos are really impressive especially since his video's are directed by himself as well, not only making him a music artist but an artist as well... Too much talent to be in one man, with the Ambitious state of mind and the business mentality makes him a double sided blade. Make sure to check him out... This isn't a regular cat he already has a strong fan base and name for himself! Stay in tone and keep your eyes open, you not going to want to sleep on this one.... check out his "Super Cool" track!

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