Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Once again a Fake shows up in the picture that might just inspire so called Nike/Jordan representatives in "the Kitchen" in Oregon....

Multiple times we have seen pictures of Counterfeit items rise on the pages of the net... and you can't help to think to yourself... Will Sneaker brands actually take an idea like this into consideration... and I must say they probably will... With the newest release of the AIR JORDAN v2... with a 360 air bubble midsole... well here are a pair of Blacked off upper Air Jordan XIII's with an air max bottom... which i must say its pretty intense if you tell me... doesn't mean I support what these "FOOLS" of counterfeits are producing... but once again AIR JORDAN can probably prove us right... If you don't remember before "FUSIONS" were even rumored to drop (AIR FORCE I x AIR JORDAN RETROS) counterfeits were already being sold on the streets... I know you guys must have seen the AIR JORDAN XI's mixed with air force I's around your local neighborhoods... WHAT YOU GUYS THINK????

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